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Conservatory Cleaning

Over time, dirt and grime build up on your conservatory, especially on the roof, which will very easily trap moss, algae and bird droppings. If this is not cleaned off, it can lead to permanent staining and discolouration.
Some of our clients have tried to clean conservatories themselves, only to realize how difficult this is! We excel in cleaning conservatories including cleaning and restoration of all windows and doors, soffit boards and gutters. Upon your request we can clean the exterior glass of your conservatory at specified intervals to keep it looking pristine or as a one-off clean, perhaps after the winter months.
We can clean your conservatory in two different ways, either using the old hand wash method which involves using specially designed conservatory roof ladders with cross bearers or using a pure water pole system from the ground. The water-fed pole system ensures that in most cases we can get access to the conservatory roof without the need to climb over it! We will clean all PVC side units, roof and finials or the internal framework of the conservatory. We recommend having the conservatory cleaned twice a year.
Cleaning the conservatory can make all the difference, especially over the summer months. We also clean all of the uPVC sections and sills, which leaves your conservatory sparkling clean and gleaming white. You will immediately see a huge difference in the amount of light that will come in.

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